A Federal Rule requires hospitals to provide a listing of their current standard charges.

Clarke County Hospital supports the intent of this requirement for price transparency. However, it is important to note that these numbers do not represent what patients will actually owe after a hospital stay or other service.

Charges are the full retail price for hospital or hospital outpatient services.

The discount price is a lower rate that may be negotiated with payers ("contractual rate" or "allowed amount") or with patients ("self-pay discounts"). 

The final patient cost is the individual patient's financial responsibility (your cost for services based on your benefit coverage and the allowed amount or discounted price). 

There may be fees for doctor services or other independent providers that are not reflected in this list and will be billed separately by that provider.

Clarke County Hospital supports transparency and recommends visiting http://www.iowahospitalcharges.com for information on comparison of hospital charges.

Charges on an account can fluctuate based on the services received, time involved, as well as any drugs or supplies that might be utilized.  We encourage patients interested in amounts they may owe to talk to our financial counselor at 641-342-5258.

Current Standard Charges