The Incident Command Task Force, led by Clarke County Hospital, was activated on March 2nd, 2020. Members of the Task Force Include: Clarke County Hospital, Clarke County Emergency Management, Clarke County Public Health, City of Osceola, Clarke and Murray Community School Districts, Clarke County Supervisors, Law Enforcement, Osceola Fire Department, Southern Hills Specialty Care, and Osceola Foods

The Task Force meets virtually on a weekly basis, coordinating the delivery of PPE, developing community communications, developing and instituting infection prevention protocols, and structuring a vaccine delivery system that is efficient and patient-friendly.

The COVID-19 situation is fluid, and the Task Force's preparation will be adjusted accordingly as new information is received from State and Federal health organizations. We all recognize that COVID-19 is a health threat throughout the world. However, preparation, implementing proper prevention criteria, and developing a vaccination process will go far in limiting community spread in Clarke County.

Patients Accessing our Facility

CCH will begin to inform the public that patients who are experiencing flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, congestion, sore throat) should call the Hospital prior to coming in to see a provider. The patient will be asked several travel screening questions, and based on the risk assessment, the patient may be given specific instructions on how/where to enter the Hospital, Emergency Department, or Clinic.