We deliver excellent, compassionate, and personalized care to the people of south-central Iowa.


Our patients will be the center of a unified healthcare delivery system that will collaborate in: 

  • Being a viable provider of wellness, early detection, and treatment; 
  • Continuing to grow and change to best meet the health care needs of our community; 
  • Providing technologically advanced life-improving care; 
  • Living our Standards of Behavior to become the employer of choice.

Clarke County Hospital

CCH continues its mission to remain a healthcare leader in many aspects, including being on the cutting edge of technology.   The community is important to us at CCH, and we are driven to expand the scope of services to our patients so many of their healthcare needs are located outside your front door.

At CCH, we continue to expand our telemedicine program, adding new services and physicians regularly. Telemedicine is a real-time video link that allows the patient to see and hear the physician, and the physician able to see and hear the patient. Telemedicine has been a new buzzword around CCH in recent months as the facility continues to install telemedicine equipment and offer new telemedicine services, ushering in a new era at the facility. Telemedicine allows a patient to visit and be examined by a specialty physician in Des Moines without the physician being physically present.

We hear and witness firsthand the vision of where CCH is going, it is also quite fascinating to look back and see the vision of a community and how a dream became a reality, and one that it likely never imagined 65 years later that would allow a patient to see a doctor anywhere in the world right from the Clarke County Hospital.

Since opening our doors in 1953, Clarke County Hospital has been a cornerstone of the community and south-central Iowa.  "Clarke County Hospital is a facility that is a model of excellence in healthcare, a place which has treated tens of thousands of area residents for over 60 years, and a provider that continues to search for ways to offer cutting-edge services close to home," said Brian Evans, CCH Chief Executive Officer.

We have grown and adapted in response to our patients' needs.  So much has changed since opening in 1953. The vision our community had more than six decades ago continues to expand as Clarke County Hospital pursues to broaden its plethora of services and remind the community what has been added in recent years such as vascular ultrasound testing, stress testing, dexascan testing for bone density, speech therapy, skilled nursing and a comprehensive group of diagnostics.

The community matters to us, and we have mattered to the community for over 65 years. This long relationship is one we are excited to continue, build upon, and serve you and your descendants in the many years to come.

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