Clarke County Hospital Encourages Community-wide CHNA Survey Participation

The success and impact of health and wellness programs across Clarke County depend on the valuable feedback from the community. Much of that information is gathered every five years in the form of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) – a simple 5-minute online survey that asks the community about health-related topics ranging from medical and mental health care to family and community safety. The 2024 CHNA Survey, launched at the end of December, is still open and Clarke County Hospital is encouraging as many community members to participate as possible.

“The CHNA survey drives much of the strategy and programming decisions made for the community,” said Brian Evans, Clarke County Hospital CEO. “With the public’s input, we can directly respond to the needs considered most important.”

With a county-wide population reaching more than 9,000, gathering the information necessary to guide decisions for future health and wellness programming is imperative. Through the public’s participation, the organizations who provide these public services will be able to better focus their efforts on programming and services that directly impact the community.

“The feedback received in the past has been instrumental in serving our community,” said Evans. “2019 CHNA data guided our drive to increase mental health services in Clarke County over the last few years.”

The CHNA survey takes place in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every 5 years to evaluate the status of health and wellness of a community. The information gathered through the survey leads to data provided to numerous outlets including Clarke County Hospital, the City of Osceola, Clarke County Public Health, Clarke County’s Area Agency on Aging, and more.

If you have questions, please contact Melanie Boyd at Clarke County Hospital through our website at, call (641) 342-2184, or simply go to to get started.