Clarke County Hospital Welcomes Pulmonologist

Pulmonologist Megan Ng (ARNP) began providing services to Clarke County patients in October 2021.  Pulmonology is a medical specialty that deals with diseases involving the respiratory tract.

Megan is certified by the Iowa Board of Nursing and is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Megan graduated from the University of Jamestown nursing program and received her master’s degree from Briar Cliff University.  She worked in an ICU department in Sioux City for four years, before transitioning to urgent care, then pulmonology.

“I have a desire to help my patients breathe easily both while awake and asleep – I love the challenge of pulmonology and sleep medicine.” 

Appointments at Clarke County Hospital can be made by calling:  641-782-3918 or the patient’s primary care provider can refer.