Elementary Students Learn 911 Education During Teddy Bear Clinic

Clarke County Hospital EMT, Dave Walter, made a special visit to Clarke and Murray Elementary Schools on Thursday, April 26th to facilitate a Teddy Bear Clinic, teaching kindergarten classes about 911, summer safety and Emergency Medical Services at CCH. Students reviewed how to dial 911 and what to do in case of an emergency situation. Dave also shared important tips on pool safety, fishing safety and bike helmet safety.

CCH used the hospital ambulance to treat kindergartener’s stuffed animals with an imaginary ailment of their choice. Emergency staff wrapped stuffed animal arms and had the kids listen to their stuffed animal's heartbeat with a stethoscope. The primary goal of the CCH’s Teddy Bear Clinic is to get children comfortable with Emergency staff and help them realize that EMS team members are the "good guys".

Clarke County Hospital hosts their Teddy Bear Clinic every year at both Clarke and Murray Elementary. Dave Walter has been an EMT for over 30 years and has become a familiar face during our teddy bear clinic to several generations of elementary children in the community. Dave has worked for the Clarke County Hospital Emergency Department for 8 years and has an extensive EMT background serving both at CHI Health Mercy Corning for over 18 years and Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston for 2 years.

For questions about Clarke County Hospital’s Teddy Bear Clinic, please contact Zach Woods at 641.342.5293.