Lucas County Health Center and Clarke County Hospital Building Partnership to Focus on Patient Care

Lucas County Health Center and Clarke County Hospital, both affiliates of UnityPoint Health – Des Moines, are working to improve the patient care experiences in their individual communities and exploring how the two facilities can better work together.

In a time when there is a shortage of healthcare workers, the two facilities have begun a new, unique agreement – a shared ultrasound service. 

“This partnership provides us with the unique opportunity to focus not on competing with each other, but rather on building each other up,” said Brian Sims, CEO. “Healthcare is changing, especially in rural communities, but it is more important than ever that our small communities have access to healthcare where they live. The partnership between our facilities is helping to ensure that our facilities both remain vibrant and successful while providing quality care to our patients.” 

“Our working relationship with Lucas County Health Center will be instrumental in providing quality access to care for patients in our region. To continue to preserve and grow services that benefit communities in a rural setting, it is essential that we work with other facilities to provide care close to home for our patients,” said Brian Evans, CEO of Clarke County Hospital. “CCH is very excited about working collaboratively with LCHC because it is helping to pave the way for new opportunities and services in southern Iowa.”  

Laura Hagen began her career as a vet technician where she frequently performed ultrasounds. This led to an interest in the career and she decided to attend Mercy College for Ultrasound Technician training. She started at Clarke County in 2015 and at LCHC in June. 

“It’s interesting to have a transferable skill, but so far the partnership is working well and I’m adjusting to the uniqueness of the two facilities,” said Laura. 

LCHC and CCH are excited about this partnership and are looking forward to working together more in the future.