Price Transparency

Hospital Price Transparency helps Americans know the cost of a hospital item or service before receiving it.  Starting January 1, 2021, each hospital operating in the United States will be required to provide clear, accessible pricing information online about the items and services they provide in two ways:

1)     In a display of shoppable services in a consumer friendly format

2)     As a comprehensive machine readable file with all items and services

Clarke County Hospital supports the intent of these requirements and the need to educate patients on the cost of healthcare services.  However, it is important to note that these numbers do not represent what patients will owe after a hospital stay or service.

A hospital's charges are based on its unique range of services, adoption of new medical technologies, government funding level, patient demographics, and other local and regional factors.  There is also a difference between "charges" and "costs":

  • Charges are the full retail price for hospital or hospital outpatient services.
  • The discount price is a lower rate that may be negotiated with payers ("contractual rate" or "allowable rate") or with patients ("self-pay discounts").
  • The final patient cost is the individual patient's financial responsibility (your cost for service based on your benefit coverage and the discounted price).

Charges shown on the list below do not represent payments or any specific patient/individual responsibility.  Your financial responsibility will depend on your health insurance plan.  Also, fees for doctor services or anesthesia administration are not reflected in the list and will be billed separately by your doctor.

Charges on an account can fluctuate based on the services received, time involved, as well as any drugs or supplies that might be utilized.  We encourage patients interested in amounts they may owe to talk to our financial counselor at 641-342-5258.

Clink link below to view shoppable services:

Price Transparency - CCH Shoppable Services

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