Diabetic Education at Clarke County Hospital significantly improved my life - Patient Testimonial from Mark Erickson

Mark Erickson was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 53. At the onset of his diagnosis, Mark was consumed by daily struggles with medications and their side effects, leaving him feeling fatigued, having trouble sleeping and facing difficulties in healing his leg wounds. He decided he needed some additional support and reached out to Linda Klejch, a Certified Diabetic Educator at Clarke County Hospital. His appointments with Linda began during a challenging time when he was taking multiple shots of insulin, high doses of Metformin, and other diabetic medications. 

Mark, Linda and Mark’s primary care provider have worked together to develop a customized plan to manage his Type 2 Diabetes effectively. With their combined efforts, they have established nutrition, weight management, and physical activity goals. Linda has provided Mark with recipes tailored specifically for him. Mark's diet primarily includes fresh produce, high protein, and low-carbohydrate options, specifically focusing on high protein intake to improve muscle regeneration for his leg injuries.

With Linda's assistance and guidance, Mark has successfully transitioned to using the FreeStyle Libre 3 System for monitoring his blood sugar levels. This device adheres to Mark's arm and seamlessly connects to his smartphone, providing real-time updates on his glucose levels. By eliminating the need for frequent finger pricks throughout the day, the Libre 3 offers Mark a more convenient and painless method of monitoring his sugars. Additionally, this system empowers Mark to observe trends in his blood sugar levels, allowing him to make proactive decisions about his diet and physical activity.

Mark has been meeting with Linda once a month by choice, emphasizing his success and gratitude for Linda and her services. Mark's progress has been remarkable since he began meeting with Linda a year ago. He has lost over 100 pounds, feels great, and no longer requires insulin shots. Additionally, Mark's medication intake has significantly reduced, now only taking 500 milligrams of Metformin twice a day and eliminating other diabetic medications.

Mark shared his positive experience working with Linda, highlighting her collaborative approach. He emphasized the importance of teamwork between the individual, primary care provider, and Linda in improving overall health. Mark expressed his belief that following Dr. Hicks' recommendation to work with Linda was instrumental in his health journey, stating, "If you listen and follow her lead, you will succeed."

If you are living with diabetes, Mark highly recommends the support and guidance provided by Linda Klejch, Certified Diabetic Educator. Talk to your primary care provider about a referral for her services.

To learn more about Clarke County Hospital’s Diabetic Services:

Call: (641) 342-2128

Visit: clarkehosp.org/services/diabetes-education