Diabetes Education

It's about learning how to control your diabetes, rather than it controlling you!  

Living with diabetes may be challenging, but you don't have to go through it alone. Clarke County Hospital is committed to helping you live well with diabetes by providing coordinated care through education, coaching, and support.

Importance of Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education helps people with or at risk for diabetes gain the skills and knowledge needed to change their behavior and successfully manage diabetes and its related conditions. With so much misinformation available about how to manage diabetes, it is important to partner with an expert to help you navigate the disease. That is why our diabetes educator will team with you, your support caregiver, and your provider to optimize your diabetes control while in your care. To meet your needs, Diabetes Education is provided through group classes or individual sessions. 

7 Behavior Changes to Improve Quality of Life

People with diabetes or prediabetes can often improve their quality of life by changing their behavior. The American Association of Diabetes Educators points to these seven key self-care behaviors:

  1. Health eating
  2. Being active
  3. Monitoring
  4. Taking medication
  5. Problem solving
  6. Healthy coping
  7. Reducing risks

Expert Partners

Your healthcare team will help you learn what to do to live well with Diabetes. Your team members include your doctor, nurse, care coordinator, social worker, dietitian and pharmacist. CCH can offer services of an advanced nurse practitioner who is also a certificated Diabetic Educator (CDE) on its team who has experience educating people with diabetes and has passed an examination to become certified. She will work with you as your teacher, coach and counselor.

Diabetes education services are available under a physician order, or may be a self-referral. Clarke County Hospital's diabetes self-management program is certified by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Contact your insurance company to see if diabetes management services are covered under your insurance plan.

Other Services

Continuous glucose monitoring is available as prescribed by your health care provider to monitor blood glucose for 24 hours. This test allows blood sugar monitoring and recording and can be very helpful in diabetes management.