Clarke County Clinic offers several specialty services that bring providers to our area for the convenience and good health of our community.

You will find specialists from across Iowa right here at Clarke County Clinic.  Specialist services include pain management, gynecology, oncology, general surgery, occupational medicine, orthopedic, and urology.

Each of these providers is an expert in their area of specialty. They have been chosen to come to Clarke County Clinic both for their expertise and for their desire to serve patients outside the metro area. When you see these providers at the Clinic, you will experience a high level of care that available close to home.

Specialty Clinics Offered This Month

Our Specialty Clinics offer a wide variety of specialists to Clarke County for our patients' convenience.


 Please Note: The physicians who lease space in the designated specialty clinic are acting independent from the Hospital. For the services performed in the specialty clinic space which includes four exam or procedure rooms with a separate nurse and doctor station are billed separately by the independent physicians. Services performed outside of leased space are done in the Hospital and patients are billed both a technical charge and a professional charge by the Hospital if performed.